20 things rock fans did in their teenage now they don’t

  1. Criticised other people’s taste in music
  2. Categorised every rock song based on their genre
  3. Hot debate when somebody didn’t agree with your genre classification
  4. Considered 80s rock music more valuable than contemporary rock
  5. Booed at any Nu metal fan
  6. Despised all melodic genres
  7. Called every slow rock song a ballad
  8. Trusted every list of ‘100 best rock songs…’, ‘Top 100 guitar solos…’ on the Internet
  9. Wrote down lyrics and kept it as diary
  10. Drew band logos on the back of your notebook, or on classroom tables and chairs
  11. Put your favourite rock song lyric as your blog/forum signature
  12. … and your favourite artist as profile picture
  13. … and name your own game character ‘slash’, or ‘metalhead101’, or ‘idieformetal’, or something like that
  14. Wore a rock-themed black T-shirt
  15. Anyway, tried to look different so as other people recognised you as a metalhead
  16. Picked up guitar lessons, probably starting with Don’t Cry
  17. Thought your favourite band were God
  18. And despised cover acts by normal people, thinking that they were disrespecting the band by doing a cover
  19. Always went to a concert with a gang. Took any chance to get closer to the stage. Formed a circle and head-banged like there was no tomorrow.
  20. Wrote a blog about bad rock fans (haha)

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