How NOT to be a good manager

So I’m being fertile these days. Just a pop-up blog and I’m writing all these thinking about just that one person.

  1. Doesn’t delegate
  2. Tells their staffs how to copy and paste efficiently aka getting on too much unnecessary details
  3. Tells an elite how to do their job
  4. Argues with staffs
  5. Listens to their boss too much
  6. Listens to their staffs too much
  7. Doesn’t listen to their staffs at all
  8. Does whatever the boss asks him to do
  9. Doesn’t give compliments
  10. Is convinced that money is the only motivator
  11. Stupid
  12. Lazy
  13. Never pays for team meals
  14. Picks at everyone’s fault
  15. Finds fault with everyone
  16. Never admits his fault
  17. Claims credit for his subordinate’s success
  18. Doesn’t take responsibility for his subordinate’s mistakes
  19. Scolds a staff in front of his or her team
  20. Scolds a staff without reasoning
  21. Asks someone to do something that is not specified in his or her job description THINKING that he or she should do that because boss >>> them.
  22. Fails to create or strictly maintain a workflow
  23. Doesn’t tell staff which part of their job is being done wrong
  24. Tells on a staff to another staff
  25. Asks a staff to go solve his or her own problem because either he doesn’t know how to or it doesn’t help on his own corporate ladder
  26. Is convinced that their staffs have too much free time and they’re not exploited enough
  27. Leaves lousy comments on somebody’s work that is not his field
  28. Goes around asking staffs to comment on other staffs
  29. Beat around the bush
  30. Aimlessly calls on a meeting every half an hour checking on everyone’s work progress without
  31. Doesn’t know how to read an excel file
  32. Cannot maintain a proper email conversation because of either lack of ability to elaborate or language proficiency
  33. Stutters
  34. Has no confidence in anything they do
  35. Explains something for 10 minutes without going to the point because they either don’t get the point or are too reluctant to hurt/anger the listener
  36. Tells their junior staff his or her idea is useless (when the idea is actually useless)
  37. Steals somebody else’ idea thinking he or she wouldn’t know
  38. Always leaves work earlier than their staff
  39. Hires the wrong people
  40. When turnover and absenteeism is high you know management is bad



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