Reasons I stan Lee ChangSub

He’s my new muse for some reasons.

He’s hell of a visual


His knife like jawline that flutters hearts of 90% comment owners on this Youtube video, and SungJae..



His angelic yet unique voice. Yes he’s BTOB’s intro man, or well the prince with the ribbon at 3:38. He’s not king of voice color (음색깡패) for no reason, right?

This legendary hidden camera, where he protects a female fan from her angered boyfriend

His eyes, which form a crescent when he smiles

His tofu chubs and bright complexion, which girls envy /Warning: the following picture may contain some photoshop../


He’s close with his mom. They have identical mouth shape, well, like mom like son


… but his mom is so bashful she keeps scolding him for mentioning her too much. Proof: this video at about 5:30


Obviously he’s more than boyfriend material..


..because he’s dad material



His perfect body ratio, not like 6 packs, but that makes him look good in any style

/Day 10.. still googling his best capture../

..even when he decided to showcase his tummy


His tats, which make his body even hotter


He’s left-handed. Love it how he does pretty much EVERYTHING with his left hand.


His skateboard skill, with which he bets on SungJae’s life for 100,000 won ($100) (It’s $100 man, I was probably having a mental breakdown when editing this picture)


His ability to memorize songs and raps like a karaoke reader


His signature facial expressions

4-reasons-i-stan-btob-lee-changsub-facial-expression-derpwhich SungJae enjoys making fun of


so much that he turns it into his own


His daily dose of quarrel with SungJae


His adorable and strangely lasting friendship with APink’s ChoRong, which means that he’s either buried in the dungeon of friendzone or actually dating her.


It is said that his love for ChoRong is disguised in his unlimited fanboy spirits towards G-Friend..


His comical helium voice

His weird selcas


His hilarious cross-dressing sitting posture, not even 1% as feminine as blond HyunSik’s gaze


His visual again


and these few words a Cube production staff says about him: 이창섭은 진짜 남자 같다. 진국이다. 인간미도 있다. 자기가 잘못한 것도 아닌데 미안하다며 분위기를 풀어준다 (roughly: Lee ChangSub is a real man. He’s honest/sincere/kind-hearted/considerate/thoughtful/good-natured/warm-hearted/humane sorry pick the word you like the best haha.  Even when he doesn’t do anything wrong, he wraps it up with an apology which brightens up everyone’s mood. I remember reading this interview somewhere but now that it’s nowhere to be seen I’ll just leave the original source with my very rough translation so please excuse me).

Have fun ChangSub stans!

*Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these above quoted videos, pictures, or interviews, though I did some editing and made some meme out of them. My sincere thanks to all the owners of the materials and pages/fansites that published them, especially the cutie OnLeeChangSubVn and many wonderful hard-working K-Melodies who spread the ChangSub virus to me and my fellow ChangSub stans and those who are going to fall for his charms. #changsub #hashtagliketeenagers haha.

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