My skincare wishlist (combination, dehydrated skin with dark spots)

Just a few days of leisure staying away from freelance jobs and while my boss at NatureForex is busy enjoying the new revenue threshold (aka my company has just hit a new high lol), I’m here again being indulged in the loooong list of skincare products I wish to buy. The thirst for shopping has never been more relevant as it happens just before payday.

My skin is combination (used to be combination dry before during winter time in Hanoi, but it has slowly turned into combination oily since I moved to Jakarta) and dehydrated (severely before, but less now). I have a long standing battle against acnes mostly around the jawline and chin area, probably due to bad hormones; hence dark spots and sometimes redness.

Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Alcohol-Free Toner ($8.76 for about 8oz on iHerb)

My toner stock is now stably filled with the last 30ml of the jumbo bottle of Clinique I purchased from my best friend more than one year ago, and a locally made Hada Labo, which is a brand I love. Although I’m not going to stock up new toner any time soon, I’ve decided that Thayers will be the next brand to come in town if I would not be too lazy and end up buying Hada Labo from the super market again. Thayers earns 4.2 from Makeupalley I KNOW there’re two things about review sites like Makeupalley and IMDb, one they can be money maker, and two what works on 5000 other people might not work on you at all, but altogether I need certain foundation to base my buying decision on, and I choose Internet reviews because they’re detailed, informative and what other sources do I have? If you agree that Thayers’ a worth trying product then enter code JUN5438 on iHerb for 10% extra off from a very affordable price.


I also have some interest in Kiehl’s Calendula Extract Toner for the hardcore Kiehl’s stan I am. I tried on a drop of this product in a Kiehl’s store and it felt good on my wrist. The reason why I’ll refrain from buying this product despite my thirst is that it’s highly recommended for very oily skin, which means it’s gonna be a bit too drying for me. Thayers is, instead, safe and workable for all skin types.

Lotion Mask (well this is not a product)

So this Lotion Mask thing is going big in my community because it cures dehydration they said. Of course it does, because lotion mask is nothing too far from sheet mask except for that we have to make it on our own. Simple as it may, lotion (or toner) mask can be costly due to the choice of lotion, but I’m going to stick with Hada Labo so it’s kinda economical for me. Will try tonight haha.

Lush Mask of Magnaminty ($28 for 125g)


Just another product for all skin types, whose main purpose is to refreshen your skin. It doesn’t cure anything though, but I think it’s worth a try seeing how handmade cosmetics feel like.

Kiehl’s Cilantro & Mask ($32)

Just want to give it a try since I enjoy its sister Kiehl’s Turmeric & Cranberry Seed energizing radiance masque immensely. This mask is like a half wash off half leave on type, which can be an alternative to my Laneige sleeping mask. Too bad I bought an extra pack of Laneige on my last vacation. Kiehl’s has to wait this time.


My Beauty Diary Sheet Masks (approx. $2.3/sheet from Guardian Indonesia)


I believe that toner mask and sheet mask are the two answers to my dehydrated skin, apart from water, and the tiny amount of Hyaluronic Acid in my Vitamin B5 Serum. I used to have a thought of purchasing a Hyaluronic Acid Serum, but now it has grown to me that there are much workable (and affordable, maybe) solutions for dehydration, where the logics behind them are so convincing that I feel optimistic even before trying. There’re more variations of My Beauty Diary sheet masks I’m just putting the yellow one as an illustration lol.

Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum ($27.19 for 1oz on iHerb)

I’ve been checking out some reviews on this Vitamin C product and while the results are not too positive I guess that I don’t have too many choices given my plan to have a baby soon. I’ve been looking at organic alternatives to my skincare routine, and Mad Hippie offers full package ranging from Vitamin C to face cream, eye cream, oil and even Vitamin A.


Since the start of my battle against acne dark spots, I’ve grown attached to Vitamin C products as they also deliver stretching and glowing effect to my skin. The first Vitamin C serum I tried was the Pure Vitamin C Advanced Serum 20% which is sold on Wishtrend. It did surprisingly well on my dark spots, although I experienced redness and irritation a few times after applying. I have recently switched to Timeless C-E-Ferulic acid, which I believe is no better choice than my initial choice since they’re both L-AA type, which means they’re going to give my sensitive skin some breakouts, irritation, redness in return for stretching and brightening effects, and that they’re going to expire in a blink if not stored properly. And yes the Timeless C-E-Ferulic acid is indeed giving me a hard time with the tiny breakouts near nose area. However, for some reasons I feel reluctant to settling with the safer products because being safe vaguely means that the effects are going to take forever to kick in, if they ever do.

However, since it’s not about beauty it’s about safe beauty from now on, so I’ll resort to switching to Mad Hippie products after I finish my Timeless bottle. Mad Hippie products are also available on iHerb. Once again, JUN5438 for 10% first order.

Mad Hippie Face Cream ($20.79 for 1oz on iHerb)


Same goes to this face cream. It’ll temporarily replace my Kiehl’s moisturizer for a few months 🙂

Trilogy Rosehip Oil

I’ve grown addicted to facial oil because of Kiara Phytoceuticals Argan Oil I purchased roughly a month ago. Speaking of oil, I’m not really sure which one did good to mi skin recently, the argan oil, the Vitamin B5 Serum, or the Vitamin C serum. I can see that my skin has become soft and more hydrated recently, and the effects are visible as my makeup doesn’t feel cakey anymore. Hypotheses aside, I love the touch of oil on my nose (haha weird right), which is something I died for two years ago. I also love putting a layer of oil under foundation, but I’ll try mixing it directly with foundation next time.

Since I’m now a bit confused about my skin type, which requires that I should verify about it again, I’ll probably go with argan oil again for its balancing of ingredients. I would still love to repurchase Kiara Phytoceuticals argan oil but to consider what’s to mix with makeup I’d go with a cheaper option (hmm maybe Acure).

Rosehip oil of Trilogy is the next one to be added to my facial oil collection for the fame it has.



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