2016 you will be missed/ things I did and things I didn’t do in 2016

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So 2016 and the year preceeding it were both life wrecking, but 2016 was much more meaningful to me as a human being with a decent social life. I got married, and bought an apartment, important benchmarks huh? But what I’m even more thankful to are the eye opening experiences of the marriage life. I started to think before I spend (which was an immensely painful process), I got to choose my favorite pieces of furniture but it’s rather a burden than a bless since I have to really put lots of thought into it and be responsible for my choices. I started to cook for my husband and burned an expensive frying pan by accident. I’ve got my own fridge to fill things up now, and not so private pool and gym to awe at. We have a decent LED TV to ‘Netflix and chill’ every night, and all the muji-looking Muji tea powder to refresh.


So here are the 8 things I did/learnt/achieved/reached a new limit/turned over a new page/reincarnated/whatever in 2016:

1-Got married, as in signing the paper.

6 people attended my (first) wedding, including a 1 year old baby, none of whom is my parent. My witness arrived 30′ late for my wedding and I waited around outside the ceremony room wearing my wedding dress, shades and slippers on because I knew nobody cared-everybody was only watching over their own business. I’m having a thought for a wedding in my home country next year, but gotta be lazy because if there happens to be one it has to be in the middle of the summer because of my husband’s holiday. Some people say it’s not a problem getting married in June because marriage is more important than June (haha what nonsense I’m talking), and I bet it is but I’m just not ready to be in the spotlight again (since elementary school). Already had a plan to travel to Japan and while I treasure my marriage enough, I really think we should spend our precious money for travel instead of some tiring ceremony which nobody really cares about. Lucky my parents are with me and they even suggest doing that after having a baby.

2-Bought an apartment

..And it’s in North Jakarta/China Town. I finally feel like living again, just thinking how I survived a whole year in the 10sqm room in Kemang, with dirty toilet, single bed and no private kitchen. The first time I feel that the money I spent is worthwhile, and I’m saying all this while lying down on the sofa and watching movies on the TV we paid for with our own money haha 🙂 Genuine happiness it is, not in the sofa itself but the fact that I finally got a grasp of my life, take responsibility for it and enjoy it wholeheartedly :withmyhusbandofcourse: Such a good achievement to talk about, huh?


2 cents

Guys, the place where you’re living really affects your mood. I’m used to living in a nice place for my whole life, not trying to boast or something, but I really really love my father’s taste for furniture and stuff. I and my husband have similar taste too, and you know, as I grow up, I think being down-to-earth really count in a marriage, and objects really bring you extra happiness in some way. Doesn’t mean more money more happiness, cheap stuff can give you joy too:) When I was younger I used to look down on material girls *I’m not saying that I’m one of them now*, but now I’ve turned to develop more down-to-earth perspectives about life. If I had gotten married 5 years ago I would have easily fallen for the crazy lunatic *my type* type of guys. Now that I’m married to a more like sensible type of guy, I’m happy that I chose the right time to tie the knot; you know; mature enough to choose the best for myself. My family loves him and we enjoy things together (including being silent together hhahaha). Great nuff huh.


3-Traveled to Thailand

It may be funny to some, but I consider this such a big achievement, taken that I had delayed going to Thailand a few times before. 3 days was not enough for anything but we enjoyed it immensely and already had a plan to come back. Enjoyed the night markets, the erotic shows, the food, the shopping, and above all the amazing people and a whole different culture while it’s only a few hundreds miles away from Vietnam. A minus was the super cold air con that caused a lingering sore throat to both of us the whole month following that (which deprived Surya of all the beer treat and proper hangout, and me of proper breathing :okay:). We also passed by HCMC to meet some friends on the way.

2-2016-you-will-be-missed-sai-gon-reunionHad another trip to Singapore in November and while I must say I had had no more curiosity for this country since ages ago I still enjoy every mile of it. Had frog porridge again and all of those distant memories suddenly came back.


4-Learned Bahasa and advanced in Korean (self proclaimed only lol)

I picked up a few words in Bahasa and I consider this an achievement. Procrastination still had me big time but at least I overcame it for a while. Worse or better thing is I picked up more Korean than Bahasa while I should have done the opposite. Sometimes I could watch a whole Korean show without subtitles (although most of the time with the running transcript lol) and well something sparked my mind the other day-I should watch Korean show with Bahasa subtitles. Aint’ nobody have time to learn them separately.

5-My husband likes a dish I cook.

.. And it looks like he meant it 🙂

Not the one below thou lol excuse the picture please.


6-Got to know my skin better

I don’t know how to classify this but I’d take it as a stepping stone. My skin has gotten so much worse compared to 2014 and early 2015. It all started with the cleansing oil, but I’m not even sure because the stress and my diet must have played some parts (that’s the point of allergy, you know, you gotta A-B test and A-B-C…Z test until you shortlist to a few things that might have caused your allergy but again, aint’ nobody got time for dat??). My skin condition got me stressed a lot, but then stress only made it worse. I started to read over the Internet about skincare and cosmetics stuff but that sure came with noise and confusing/contradicting information. As a learner (lol) I understand that overload is totally normal for a starter. That’s why I’d put it as a pro, with full of hopes that my skin will become better considering changes in my diet and supplement, and cosmetics and stuff. The downside of this is I keep buying stuff off the Internet and at this very moment you know, I have stuff arriving from Germany and Sai Gon and some more floating around East Europe. I need  a few years more alive to decide whether this YOLO buying (or YOLOTB: you only live once to buy) is a good or bad take but I know I really need to get rid of this reckless shopping habit especially if I decide to have a baby.

7-I did some business

Not really.. but I earned some money from trading stuff between Indonesia and Vietnam, which I find interesting. On the contrary, my writing career (lol bullshit here) went downhill.

8-Survived another year with my company

I have a love-hate relationship with my company. I got a raise once and then shit came I had no idea. But there’s always miracles coming out of horrible shit pile. This job really gives me experience I never had before. Although it was somewhat frustrating to get fired (lol), and a bit bugging to have a useless/desperate/never know what’s going on/ helpless manager, it was fun doing your part in a small business where you literally have your hands in every bit of things and everyone kinda gets what’s going on with this business because rumors spread real fast in a circle of 20. I learnt what it’d be like to have a small business at the starter level (we’re on the 5th year by the way), and how management can get real tricky and out of control sometimes. Still waiting for new experience in my fourth year with NatureForex, if I don’t get fired again. Talking about being fired, lol, my parents keep asking about it thinking that I really got fired. But that’s how it is to work under a real tempered and mood swinging boss. Fun tho.

4 things I didn’t do and I wish I had done/regrettable things that happened to me in 2016


I started out with painting my origami animals last year and kept buying origami papers after that. I made some cute animals which I still keep as decor as of now. I painted Kenny on my cat origami, and Kyle on my whale origami.

1-2016-you-will-be-missed-south-park-kenny-origamiI wish I would do more artistic (or just art-related) (or just DIY) stuff this year now that I have bought the Kenny Crochet pattern from Etsy (credit to Aradiya Toy before I even open it). I used to have an ambition to make my DIY lip balm which is decorated with Kenny in water color painting or clay/sculpey but I guess I have to wait till March cos I find it difficult to collect the ingredients here. Or some more DIY cosmetics will do haha. It’s fun just thinking about it lol. Damn this week so busy otherwise I could have started my Kenny crochet.

2-My tooth

It’s not necessarily this year’s problem; my tooth has been a pain in the .. mouth (literally eh) ever since I had teeth. It messed with my life so much around September, not to mention the aftermaths. Painful memories I really don’t wish to recall. Plus point was that I met with cutie dentists who were not only cute but very generous in giving me some information for my boss’ business. Too bad I refrained from doing further work with that project (and got frowned upon).


Nuff said. My skin is still a major secret to me.

4-I didn’t open a pho business, or a Carousell, or a website, or anything of sorts

And I feel ashamed every time any friend of mine asks me about it.

This website was a flop in 2016 although I had fun with it. It has no theme at all so I just reverted it back to my personal diary. Weird that my post about Changsub got the most views. It’s okay spread the Changsub love everyone haha.


1-Master Bahasa AND Korean

2-Travel to Japan. Travel to Bandung. Travel to Bali.

3-Selling my unused clothes on whatever, a website, Carousell, black market. Really need to find new owners for my forgotten stuff.

4-Stitch Kenny. Make my own South Park lip balm line haha. Print my own calendar with origami design. Have my own painting/photo hung on my own wall.

5-Cook and stop burning frying pans.



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