stressssss come on

Been a month since that damned bank decided to interfere with my life. January has never been an easy month for anyone especially when your company has gone through a tough year AND you’re at the end of the food chain. Some people had their turns to be fired again after me, and they’re all going through tough time I guess. In all retrospect there has never been an easy day working for the almighty M*******, but since it’s been good days for me the past year after I left Eri, here I’m just so goddamned clueless being caught in that damned endless cycle of work again. ALL OF A SUDDEN.

Okay so I’ve been through some hectic days, but aren’t people supposed to be happy when they get busy? I probably have let work interfere with my life so much that pretty much all the stress I have is work-related. The packed work has a say but better blame the the nighttime worries and the colleague rants and the boss’ watching eyes and all the mistakes I made. The past weeks I’ve technically been working from 9 to 12, plus the research work AND the amount of thoughts and worries I put to it.

*Update on 27/01 aka 2 weeks after the OP and Tet Eve: the show still goes on. But I just heard they’ll sign 3 years with me, so I got that going for me which is noice. Anyway I talked to my ex-colleague the other day

So I spent some time watching this random release of Weekly Idol: Stress Come On by Big Byung haha.

I don’t know who wrote the lyrics but definitely not them because idols don’t get stress when their managers don’t leave work after 5 lol.

I also had a good look at my old post. Actually I read a book about drawing analysis before and they enclose this checklist. I don’t remember how many ticks will bring you to the stress club but as far as I remember I used to be so easily annoyed that I hardly enjoyed life when I was supposed to enjoy it the most. Sadly, I reviewed my annoyance checklist again and realised my temper has got even worse.

1. A person telling me how to drive >> okay this one is a free pass I don’t know how to drive
2. A person acting in an emotional manner >> yessss!! it feels cringy especially when it’s a guy
3. Getting a telephone busy signal or put on call waiting
4. A driver tailgating you >> that easily ruined my day but you’d get that too often in Hanoi.
5. To hear a loud talker >> I especially hate loud talker, especially when that person decides to talk a lot too.
6. To see an adult picking his or her nose >> To see an adult burping or snorrrring in public, which you’d see quite often in Jakarta sadly
7. A person telling me to do something when I am just about to do it >> I don’t get it too often but just imagine..
8. A person continually criticizing something >> yesss when my colleagues keep complaining about my manager I’ve got so sick of both.
9. A person being sarcastic >> I don’t know why this one is even on the list. Sarcasm is arts man. Right, Sheldon Cooper?
10. Receiving a telemarketing call >> doesn’t matter just say you don’t have time they’ll just politely hang up. What’s with the hype
11. To know a person is staring at me
12. To have my thoughts interrupted
13. A person putting his hands on me unnecessarily >> yessss what the fuck some people don’t know that one what you call.. personal bubble or something hahaha. Same like people who stare at others’ computer screen and then they’re like ‘what to hide man?? if you don’t have something to hide why are you not comfortable showing your computer screen?’ what the fuckkkkk. 
14. A person constantly changing the TV channel
15. A person giving me a weak handshake >> I believe I used to be one of them, but I hate that if I were to shake hands with myself a few years ago too. Same like people who talk to softly and people who change their opinion after hearing one that is different from theirs.
16. A person picking his teeth
17. A person who “can’t leave the party” >> oh please so it exists? My husband must be annoyed af haha sorry hubbie.
18. A person continually trying to be funny >> that guy Kevin Hart
19. Being nagged
20. To be evaluated critically by a stranger
21. To have a person talk on a cell phone while they are with you >> a person who keeps smiling at their phone while they’re with ME.
22. To have to drive in heavy traffic >> okay I think this applies to everyone.
23. To listen to politicians make promises >> tbh I don’t. That’s their job deal with it. I got more sick of people who keep complaining about politicians.
24. To hear a person talking during a movie or concert
25. To hear “loud” music played >> must add: in public
26. To be unable to find a parking place >> I’m positive my husband will tick this one first
27. A person watching me work
28. To hear a person swear >> swearing is arts man
29. To see an over affectionate demonstration between members of the same sex >> this book must have been written in 1990.
30. To hear disparaging remarks about a member of a minority group >> Bullying has always been the thing I hate the most. Many people bully without realising the damage they’re doing.
31. A man frequently referring his girlfriends >> TRUE. This reminds me of my annoying Singaporean-Burmese friend/foe/whatevermajorloser who kept boasting about his job and his girlfriend.
32. A woman frequently referring to her boyfriends
33. Too much discussion of sex on a date >> too much mention of sex and sex-related topics in a conversation.
34. To have to kiss an unattractive relative
35. To see public lovemaking
36. A person talking a great deal and not saying anything important >> same like a person trying to be funny. Or that multilevel marketing guy trying to avoid mentioning ‘the word’ *MLM*
37. To listen to a sales pitch >>>> THIS. 
38. TO have to watch or listen to “too many” TV or radio commercials >> I don’t, I always watch ads haha.
39. A person interrupting me when I am talking
40. To see a person spit
41. To have someone repeatedly urging me to take some food I do not want
42. Not being able to find a noise in the car
43. To discover that a video tape or DVD is checked out
44. Too see colors that clash >> I don’t know why this is even on the list but it’s so true to me. Guess lots of people are annoyed by this. 
45. To see an untidy room
46. To find a hair in my food
47. To have to be around someone smoking
48. The classmate who talks too much
49. Not to be listened to
50. To be given impractical suggestions

The list goes on. I want to write my own list of things that annoy me but in the end WHAT’S THE POINT OF THAT LIST HAHAHAHA.

Tired. Buy


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