My Springy skin

Good news is when your skin is cleansed and sufficiently moistured, it’ll stop troubling you.

I came back to Vietnam earlier this month, and you know March is everyone’s pain in the ass. The downside of Spring is that it’s so humid and foggy everywhere that your clothes don’t dry and your apartment is so damp it always feels like somebody walks their dirty shoes into the house. In the morning you can’t locate yourself because your 72-storey work building has disappeared in the fog. Good thing is there’s still one nice benefit for those with dry and combi-dry skin: your skin will naturally get moistured. The fog brings down my mood but luckily my moistured skin always lifts it up.


So that’s the one thing I enjoy about Vietnam. It’s always more humid than Indonesia. I don’t even carry my moisturiser with me but a few drops of Argan oil always do the job more than enough. These days I’ve been using only lotion, Argan oil and sheet masks as moisturisers, which I think are a satisfying combination. I use a few layers of lotion on my skin after foam washing instead of one. With 4 to 5 layers of lotion (I mean the Japanese lotion not lotion lotion) I can even skip Argan oil when I get too lazy, but still waking up in soft and fully moisturised skin. I guess this is the right dose for me at least for this kind of weather.

Anyway I put on a long skincare wishlist a few months ago but sadly my list always changed so rapidly. I only managed to buy sheet masks out of the 10s of products I put down the other day, but at least this purchase is so worth it. I haven’t tried out the much hyped My Beauty Diary, but Lululun can always be a good replacement.


So for cleansing, I’m still stick with cleansing oil, micelar water (?) and foam wash/soap. I tried mixing the orders but I guess I wasted money buying the Byphasse makeup remover, because I don’t need it for makeup removing but it’s also too sticky to stay on my skin before moisturising. I prefer something like my Clinique lotion (okay this is the lotion lotion), which cleanses my skin once more after cleansing oil and soap (somehow with alcohol but I’m okay with it). But anyway, I think something like this will work for me regardless of the weather: cleansing oil – soap – micelar water/cleansing toner. Sometimes I’m too lazy after cleansing oil (!), which I think may be dangerous because I suffered a breakout from oil residue before, but I guess I’ve been doing my emulsifying job way better now. (Yeah I learnt babe)

I also found my new favorite exfoliating masks, lol, both of which are from the notorious brand The Body Shop. I used to worship Kiehl’s rare earth deep pore masque before but now I only use it for my pimples and my husband (it works as a spot treatment!). The Body Shop’s Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask and Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying & Polishing Mask are my new muses (I didn’t plan on buying the latter but since I couldn’t bring the former with me back to Vietnam so…). I still adore Cure or Detclear as an exfoliator but when I can’t have them with me, these two are excellent makedos. The charcoal mask also solves my blackheads concern. Anyway I’ve tried a few exfoliators as of now and you know, just grab anything but make sure you grab one. Either Cure or The Body Shop mask is good for me although I have sensitive, prone-to-acne and prone-to-irritation skin, so I guess physical exfoliating shouldn’t do harm on anyone. Just make sure you exfoliate once or twice a week and just use the right scrub and don’t scrub too hard 🙂

Still one more thing on my wishlist: a new brush for my abandoned Clarisonic. My life would be so complete.

I’ve been trying out Muji cleansing oil, and it’s been a good choice. It’s better than Shu Uemura because it’s cheaper. I’ve tried Shu Uemura, DHC and Muji before but I don’t think any of them is better than the rest (deja vu much but yeah). Shu Uemera claims that its cleansing oil does more than cleansing but why don’t you just cleanse with Muji and and do your moisturising properly. It may contain some exotic ingredients but they better be there so the claims sound truer. Some people prefer Shu Uemura’s loose texture, or rather not have olive oil on their skin (which is the carrier oil in DHC and Muji cleansing oils) but that should be the only reasons one chooses Shu Uemura over the others. I have nothing against Shu Uemura I loved it when I used it, but I just have many other nice options to go with. I’ll try more brands before I settle down on Muji (which is easy to find in Jakarta), like maybe Fancl?

My skin status

I still have pimples here and there but I just can’t help it (blame my lifestyle and hormonal system). I still have some dark spots but they’ve got so much better since last year, even though I’ve thrown away all my dark spot treatment. (Vitamin C caused breakouts and irritation so much that it caused more dark spots before it could cure it, and the Kiehl’s Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Mask doesn’t perform well any more). My skin feels smooth and soft even around the dark spot area. I only need a layer of CC cushion to go out in the daylight. My skin is still not anywhere near perfect, but at least I feel that I’ve got a hang of it now.

Side note: I thought my routine has got shorter, but still 10 steps? wutt?

There’re many reasons our skin gets better or worse, but that’s why we learn. I think many people born with skin problems can feel me. I’ve tried dozens of products; most of them did not work. Some made my problems worse, and some just stopped working. On the other hand, some work, and that’s enough for me to know today.

Irrelevant: when can I find something that works for my COMPANY?


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