Things I discovered this year


I took water color painting class in Hanoi back in April, and I’m still far from mastering the littlest bit of it. Painting is so difficult, but creating is a distant horizon. I went to a mock paining event and it was fun mimicking what somebody else already did, but the fact that the result turned out nice proves that creativity is a whole different story. It’s like somebody that can sing vs. somebody that can inspire by singing (not to mention some few people that impress with singing techniques). Anyway I started off training believing that techniques matter to the point that it can power off my humble doodling ability I was born with. I don’t know if does or it ever will, but one thing for sure I haven’t practiced enough. Excuses: work and procrastination.

I went on with acrylic painting and it worked not so what I thought. Painting is hard I know, but my husband is going to create a hobby room for us to fill up the redundant space behind the sofa so I’ve got that going for me which is nice (lol).

Something I painted

Moon cup

This is kinda out of place but this was such a great invention because it cuts me some period stress due to the odor and the inconvenience I had to carry on those days. Moon cup got me a bit on my first tries but in the end I mastered it (lol) and well you know everyone has to be virgin once. My friend Ha made a tribute to moon cup on her blog, which you may want to check out if you understand Viet.

Soap: when you love it you don’t put off showering anymore lol

Just when my horrible passion for cosmetics died down a bit, I filled my sack of empty greed with new passion for soap. I just got my first two Chagrin Valley bars (Neem Tea Tre and Bamboo Charcoal), after finishing two random Japanese bars. Soap is less moisturizing and hence supposedly gives you less back pimple; and natural soap like Chagrin Valley’s is just beautiful. Side note: I also purchased a Lush shampoo bar in Seoul and I haven’t regretted it yet.

neem tea trea hair shampoo and soap
Chagrin Valley Neem & Tea Tree Oil Body & Hair Shampoo

I got lazy to capture my own soap so I stole it from Chagrin Valley. I tried out both Chagrin Valley and Lush and they work just so beautifully on my skin and hair, but problem is my husband is consuming it so fast that I now need to find a place that sells Chagrin Valley in Jakarta.

Tu vi (Chinese horoscope maybe, just so Horoscope is actually named the Westerners’ Tu vi among us)

This sounds kinda ironic (and ridiculous at the same time) because I was actually dumped by a friend when he found out I didn’t have a good fate. Now that I have learnt to read it, I’m also trying my best not to judge people for their Tu vi. I try not to, as I also expect nobody to judge me based on mine. The astrology thing is kinda amazing the more you imagine about it. It’s kinda too sophisticated for anyone to master, not to mention an amateur like me. I don’t plan to become a master of Tu vi reading, nor did I ever imagine I’d be good at it for even a little bit, but I just simply try to get a hold of it using both the knowledge I collected from the Net and my intuition. You know, sometimes you criticise a person for winning by guessing, but some people are actually better at guessing than the others. It’s somehow called intuition.

Fun fact: my one hit wonder favorite writer Herafi is actually a Tu vi reading teacher, and people actually attend his Tu vi reading courses. Should I take one and mention that I was a fan? lol

Honorable mention: Baking

… or maybe not. I made nama chocolate, tiramisu and mousse, none of which is called baking. Anyway as I picked it up I realised in a hard way that making cake is not as hard as I thought (making good cake is, though). More to it, it’s just expensive. I’m not too indulged anyway.


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